What is included with membership?

All examinations and consultations are covered. This includes:

  • Wellness Appointments
  • Sick visits
  • Emergency visits
  • Rechecks
  • Pre-surgical consultations
  • Telehealth (phone or video
    *allows you unlimited access to our veterinary team and services.

Membership also exempts clients of all fees, including:

  • No late fees
    (except for scheduled ultrasounds)
  • No missed appointment fees
    (except for scheduled ultrasounds)
  • No technician appointment fees
  • No double booking fees
  • No emergency fees
  • No pharmacy fees

Membership also includes the following services for free:

  • Nail trims
  • Ear cleanings
  • Anal gland expressions

How much does membership cost?

Membership costs $90/month for the first pet and $50/month for every additional pet. There is a 6 month minimum for membership. After that, cancel any time.

What isn’t included in the cost of membership?

The Wellness First Membership only includes what is listed above. Specifically, it does not include the cost of any tests, vaccines, or any other treatments.

It also does not cover the cost of any veterinary care received outside of our facility. We strongly encourage the purchase of pet insurance, which balances nicely with the membership to help cover these costs of care.

Your memberships seem more expensive than others I’ve researched- why?

Most of this difference is because we are a small business, not a corporate practice.
Corporate practices tend to start with low membership fees to build up market share, and then they will eventually raise them (similar to Netflix’s business model and other corporations). Being corporations, they can also save on overhead by flexing their buying power, an option not available to small businesses such as ours.

Many veterinary practices use low membership fees as a way to draw in clients so that they will then spend money on other things.

That is not our model. In fact, we are ultimately looking to save you money by focusing on preventative and ongoing regular care so that costly urgent needs arise as infrequently as possible.

Most importantly:

Our membership fees reflect that we are offering what we see as a better service and higher level of care. We have the best, brightest, and most passionate individuals on our team. We take the time to get to know you and treat your pets like our own family. The cost reflects this exceptional experience.

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My pet is not a member. Can I still be seen at your clinic?

Yes! If you want just very occasional care for your pet, then non-membership visits may be right for you. However, for most of our pet families, we strongly recommend membership as the best option. All appointments and consultations cost $110 for non-members.