Wellness First Membership Plan

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Personal, Accessible, Revolutionary Care.

Enrollment in our Wellness First Membership Plan includes:

  • All veterinary examinations and consultations are free.
    • Are you worried that your pup is scratching too much? Schedule an appointment and come in! There’s no charge to see the veterinarian.
    • Are you away or otherwise unable to bring your pet into the clinic right now? Schedule a telehealth appointment- also free!
  • Twice yearly Wellness First Consultations
    • Creation of a personalized care plan for your pet
    • These unrushed, comprehensive visits are the key to keeping your pet in tip top shape.
    • Your pet is assessed from head-to-tail, from behavioral issues to cancer risk, tick prevention to dental care.
    • Scheduled follow-up phone call to discuss your pet’s test results and personalized care plan
  • Specialty Care Coordination
    • Does your pet need to see a specialist? We’re here to connect with the specialty team and make the experience as smooth as possible
  • Complementary nail trims, ear cleanings, and anal gland expression
    • As often as you need, whenever you need!

The cost of the Wellness First Membership is
$90 monthly for the first pet and $50 monthly for each additional pet with a six month minimum subscription.

Please note that membership only includes what is listed above. Specifically, it does not include the cost of any tests, vaccines, or any other treatments. It also does not cover the cost of any veterinary care received outside of our facility.

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